Wowzers, its fall already.  Seriously.  I am barely keeping my head on straight between the start of homeschool for Avery, Chad beginning Fall quarter at Evergreen State College, nursing a sweet (read: very hungry) 2 month old, and not to mention the busiest season of photoshoots my business has EVER seen.  Yes, this is all by design….but still sometimes I stop and ask myself, what was I thinking?!  <please tell me I am not the only one who has these moments? The garden is on the back-burner….or I could get all fancy and say I was trying the Ruth Stout No Work Garden Method (her book IS on my wishlist though). I finally got a good crop of cilantro now that there is no time to harvest it, isn’t it ironic, don’t you think? Beets that I interplanted with our broccoli ages ago are thriving and should be ready to harvest soon; nevermind that I have not personally eaten nor cooked these earthy globes.  I am dead in the water in the homesteading skills department at the moment.  Oddly enough for me, I am at peace with this.  I am doing the best I can for my family, and that is all any of us can do really.  Avery is being homeschooled for the second year and this is one area I have spent numerous hours on this past month, planning and prepping, implementing and re-evaluating. Last year was a challenge, I wasn’t entirely prepared for what I was taking on and our loose plans turned even looser.  We have a solid start this year, still flexible to work with our growing family and adventurous spirit, but enough of a routine to create a happy rhythm.  So here is a look back at our month, what we have been up to, and how the garden is faring all on its own.


This is Avery’s school picture…for last year. Taken the weekend before school started. Just in the nick of time 😉blog4

I met Jessi Bloom at 21 Acres for a Permaculture 101 talk.  I couldn’t resist picking up her new book Practical Permaculture.  Her other book Free Range Chicken Gardens is my most read homesteading skills book of all time. I highly recommend reading these; she is an excellent author and speaker who has inspired me so much.blog5blog6blog7

Avery and Sawyer found a new spot to play in the garden and have been spending much time making mud pies.  This one looked especially delicious.blog8

We grew dry beans for the first time this summer.  Not enough to make much of a meal, but they are pretty to look at.  I know some things for next time at least.blog9blog10

It’s a little wild out there.blog11

My very favorite thing we grew this year: MAMMOTH SUNFLOWERS!!!

Do you homeschool?  Have you had to cut back on something you enjoy for a while? I would love to hear how things worked out for you in the comments. Or if you just want to give me a virtual hug here too that is always great! Thanks for joining me again this month for an update on our life and adventures around the Brundage Homestead. Catch up on what has been happening the past few months here