Back at the beginning of the month we made it to the Proctor Farmers’ Market for their winter market. This is the only winter farmers’ market that I know of, unless you go to indoor markets in Seattle (Pike Place) or Olympia (Olympia Farmers’ Market) which are both quite the drive from us here in Puyallup.  We love going to farmers’ markets because of several reasons: it is a fun time to spend together as a family, we can purchase real food that is good for us, and we can support local farmers’/producers. I really miss going to the market every weekend like we do in the Summer.


It was a lovely, but chilly, day…blog2

Our first stop was the Zestful Gardens booth to buy some squash.  We have been really enjoying our new squash roll recipe and needed to stock up.


It is nice seeing all these colors in the winter, when it seems dark and bleak is the standard.


Sawyer really enjoys eating pears these days.blog5

Another great thing about the market is there is always entertainment. In fact, they also have warm soup so you could plan a trip at lunch time, sit back and take in a little music and fill your tummy with goodnesss.blog6

Avery was hoping they would have mini donuts, her favorite. They did not, but she did manage to find a booth selling all kind of pastries…she used her own money from selling Rainbow Loom bracelets to buy a giant, super delicious brownie. She so kindly gave dad and I a little bite 🙂blog7

Had to stop and take a picture of this sign. First of all I just love the sentiment. Secondly, Chad and I are currently taking classes through the Pierce County Beekeepers Association to become certified beekeepers! We have been to two classes far and will be certified by the Summer. We are excited to add beekeeping to our “homesteading” skill repertoire.  In addition to providing honey, bees are needed for pollination so having them around will help our garden to be even more bountiful. Win-Win! We are not sure yet if we will be setting up hives this summer or not (kind of depends on if/when we move), but are definitely starting to gather supplies for the future.

Anyways….there is still one more winter market coming up on Saturday March 8th, 2014. If you want to get updates about the Proctor Market you can also like their page here.  Let me know if you plan on going, we would love to meet up and enjoy the market with you!