I was so thrilled I was able to get Landon and his family into my Sumner studio for their newborn baby session – this family was incredible to work with and I have a feeling we will be seeing more of each other over the years. Landon decided to come early while his father, a professional baseball player, was out on the road! Just read his lovely birth story below to find out if dad made it to the hospital in time…


We only had two days left. Two days until my husband would come home from his road trip (he is a baseball player);two days until we were home free and this baby could come any time he wanted! But our son had his own plan, as most babies do! 



My mom had been in town to help watch my 4 year old daughter, Madison, just in case I went into labor early. The two of them were getting ready to take a walk down to the market, and as they were getting their shoes on I rushed to the restroom. I paced back and forth convincing myself I must have just wet my pants, because surely my water did not break! A few minutes and a few pairs of pants later I texted my husband “Hey. So I think my water broke? Maybe?” And just like that, I kid you not, the skies opened up and the BIGGEST rain storm of the season started. My mom rushed in and said “You said there was no chance of rain!” And I said, “my water just broke!” After we stared at each other in disbelief for what seemed like an hour, we calmly (but quickly) began to pack our bags and get ready to head out. My husband was dressed for the game and pacing back and forth in the locker room waiting for me to give him the ‘ok’ to book a flight and head home. Fortunately he booked the very last flight out and it was leaving in 2 hours! He rushed to the hotel, grabbed his things and made his way to the airport. blog4

The moment we arrived at the hospital the downpour stopped and we met the most lovely nurse! Since I went into labor at supper time we didn’t have time to eat, so our nurse ordered food for my mom and Madison and brought in a little battery operated candle so my daughter could have a special big sister candlelight dinner! We had the most wonderful time! We laughed, we cried, played games, and shared stories. Our nurse became an instant part of our family, she cared for us as if we knew each other our whole lives. 


My husband finally made it to the hospital and I was free to get up and get things moving, and just as I got up to greet him at the door that is exactly what happened! I hadn’t felt much labor pain at this point, but that all changed very quickly! It’s like our son knew his daddy was there and it was go time! Labor moved very quickly once my husband was there. My sweet Madison would hold my hand when I had a contraction and insisted on being the only person to give me water or help me walk. She is such an amazing person. It was about 2am and I wasn’t ready to push yet, so we all decided to take a nap. My mom and husband went down first and after Madison and I had a few moments to ourselves we gave in and slept. After a solid 3 hours my eyes popped open. This was it! I knew it was time to push, and fast!


Our nurse came rushing in, the doctor on call was notified, and we were ready to meet our son! A few minutes later the doctor, who I thought I had met before, walked in. Nope. Never seen her before. Well, here we go anyways! She was a lovely, quiet, woman, but all I could focus on was the smudges on her glasses. Just ten minutes of pushing later, this warm, squishy, beautiful boy was on my chest and grasping my finger. He was here and he was perfect. Born 3 weeks early, Landon Alexander was 6lbs 7oz and 19inches long and I couldn’t get enough of him. Madison came in a few minutes later and as I held both my children against my chest I can honestly say I have never felt more complete. Madison gently rubbed his back and softly sang as I nursed Landon and our life as a family of four began! blog7

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us! This is truly one of my favorite birth stories ever <3

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