Meet baby Caleb!  What a tiny little sweetheart he was.  So sleepy when I first arrived, he just let me move him and mold him without complaint.  It is so amazing to just watch babies sleep, the little faces they make, their twitching lips, the heavy sound of their breath.  I am glad I get to work with so many babies to get my baby fix :)  Like I have said before, I LOVE incorporating personal items into sessions, and this was no exception.  The lovely patchwork blanket in the last portrait was specially made from flannel shirts, shirts that belonged to mommy’s dad who passed away.  What a special reminder and way to celebrate someone important.  There was even a photo printed on fabric, of her and her dad.  I love the though that went into that and I was so glad I was able to incorporate it.   I am even more excited because this is one of three cousins I will be photographing regularly this year, all three months apart, and I can’t wait to get a portrait of them all together!