I know I say it every time, but I am so pleased with my decision to include a keepsake album with each newborn session.  Yes, it is a digital age and everyone wants to have their images digitally to keep and share (me too!), however I know all about that slippery slope.  We mean well; we are going to print something up for the wall, print some gifts for our family, make a baby book, create an album, just as soon as we get a couple things done on our to-do list, or after baby is sleeping through the night, or…..you get the point.  It is hard. Being a parent is a full-time job and it is easy to brush off projects to the side and send them off to “someday” land.  We just want to be with our little ones and enjoy every fleeting moment while they are still fresh.  I want you to do that too.  That is why I want to handle this one thing for you, take something off your plate, and make sure that you do have a keepsake that you can hold in your hand no matter how busy things get. I am passionate about creating these albums and seeing the story my photos tell come to life.  A little piece of my heart goes into each one as I slide it into its fabric cover, wrap it up, and send it off to its forever home.

Catherine’s family was so smitten with their album design that they ordered an extra copy as a gift for family. What an amazing thing to share. I really couldn’t say it better than mom did:

“I just wanted to thank you for dropping off the albums in person! Such service! It’s such wonderful keepsake…we’ll cherish it for years to come. Can’t believe how much she’s changed already! Can’t wait to give the other album to my parents…they’re going to love it! It’s been such a great experience working with you. Looking forward to having you capture our family in the coming years! You’re so very talented!”