I saw this fabulous tutorial online and have been itching to make these to decorate our home this season. I got the perfect opportunity when we were having a “sick day” and needed something simple indoors to keep busy.  I had everything to make these, really just scraps of this and that I found in my craft boxes, the only thing I had to run out and get was the stuffing and plastic yarn needles.  Avery helped me stuff the stuffing in to each one, but wasn’t so interested in helping with the rest.  I am really really happy with how these turned out, and the perfect touch of color they are adding to my living room right now.

I have been thinking it would be nice to start posting some crafty stuff every once in a while…what do you think?  Are you interested?  We love doing “projects” as Avery calls them, and finding fun tutorials to try.  If you have any suggestions for crafts or links for tutorials, please share!!