My friend’s Amy and Cory have the most adorable little girl. We got together on a beautiful end of summer day, with the sun shining and not a cloud in the sky.  Ella really inspired me to just embrace the moments and let the story unfold; she is full of so much personality. What I love the most about one year olds is their sense of wonder, the way their eyes light up and they grin from ear to ear over the simplest of things: a breeze moving through the tall grass, delicate dandelion puffs, the sound of a sing-song voice. Her expressions just tug at my heart strings. I was especially excited to put together something a little whimsical and create Ella’s very own fresh flower stand.  It reminds me of flower carts that we saw in Paris near Notre Dame, with all the flowers arranged by type and color lined up in simple vessels just begging you to stop and breathe them in. Ella is just like that; her sweet smile and gorgeous blue eyes get me every time.