Wow, how did this gem of a family slip through without a post?  Well to say things have been busy around here would be an understatement.  Next year I am definitely going to be more firm about holiday cut off dates. I just feel like a chicken running around with its head cut off right now, and unfortunately this is when mistakes happen!   The holiday portraits for charity were so much fun this year, I photographed so many ADORABLE kiddos and lots under one year.  There were some no shows, which is always a real bummer for our fundraiser.  Next year I am going to be doing this event one week earlier, so it doesn’t feel so last minute.  And of course I will be posting some of the portraits here before too long.  So back to the good stuff, can you believe how much little Miss Reese has grown up?  If you have been reading for any amount of time, I am sure you have seen her around here before.  She is definitely my most photographed little girl ever!  I can’t wait to see her next time, we are planning on spreading sessions out more next year, so she will have a Spring, Summer, and Fall session.  What a fun way to record the changes with your little one along with the changes of the seasons 🙂