Meet handsome Gavin! I had a great time with his parents and big brother when they came to visit my little studio in Sumner. I was really happy to create a soft classic newborn session for them, full of organic and neutral elements.  It was the perfect timing to add in a few fall leaves too, which happens to be my favorite from his pictures.  Mom was also so kind to share her birth story with me, and let me share it here with you too.  Read on to find out more about Gavin’s entrance into the world.blog1 Our first son entered the world nine days late and in a hurry.   We thought for sure the second one would arrive right around my due date.  My due date came and went and as I grew more and more uncomfortable I urged the doctors to induce labor, apparently my babies were quiet comfy inside.blog2blog3 We were scheduled to induce Saturday morning at 7am and were instructed to call labor and delivery at 6am.  Of course we didn’t sleep at all Friday night with the anticipation of meeting baby boy.  Well the call to the hospital delayed us until Saturday afternoon, then Saturday night, then Sunday morning.  Finally Sunday evening the lead nurse called and said that we could be induced if we could get to the hospital in 30 minutes.blog4 As we drove to the hospital we saw the blood moon eclipse which is something that only happens every 30 years….we figured that was good luck.  I was given Pitocin around 2am and was dialated to 7cm by 430am and then got an epidural.  My doctor was on call at 7am so we waited for him to arrive, once my doctor was there I pushed through three contractions and my sweet little boy was finally in my arms Monday morning.  We had lots of tears and snuggles all morning long and took in every inch our perfect little guy.  His big brother came to meet him later on that day and as we held both of our boys were knew our family was perfectly complete.blog5

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us! 

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