My friend Brittney had a baby. Well to be technical she has had three.  When I found out I was pregnant with Sawyer it wasn’t even a month later she found out she was also pregnant with a little girl, and I was able to photograph Peyton for her when she arrived just 3 weeks after Sawyer.  What do you know, it wasn’t even a couple months after we found out we were expecting Alder that Brittney also told us she was expecting again.  Our due dates were a little farther apart this time around, but we both had girls.  I was so happy when Brittney brought sweet baby Madison in to my natural light studio for me to photograph her newborn session.  One of my favorite things, since our kiddos are so close in age, is comparing birth stories.  We both had quick deliveries, however Brittney didn’t even make it to the hospital!  Read on for her story and find out what happened. blog1 The heat of the summer had just started to fade, as we entered into fall.  My baby was a week past her due date, and I hoping she would come on Friday for the Labor Day Weekend.  At 11 o’clock Thursday night my labor began with contractions 5-10 minutes apart.  I called the hospital (Swedish Issaquah); they instructed me to come in right away as this was my third child.  I told them it would be about an hour as we live in Auburn.  blog2blog3 We spent 2 hours at the hospital with the last hour having steady contractions 5-7 minutes apart.  The on call Doctor discharged us at 330am and said “Come back when you cannot talk during your contractions.”  Contractions were 4mins apart from 4 to 5:30am.  2min apart at 6am and extremely painful. I cried on the bathroom floor for a half hour and convinced myself I still was not in labor, since the hospital had sent me home.  blog4blog5 We loaded up around 7 am to go back to hospital for my scheduled Dr. appointment with my OB. We got off the freeway in Covington, to drop our 2 year old off at daycare. I had the urge to push and the pain was now constant, so my husband pulled into an urgent care center and dropped me off. He dropped our daughter off at daycare and got back to me just in time.  blog6 The urgent care staff worked with me to hold the baby in until an OB arrived. After a half hour they said it was time. I didn’t even push I just let go and delivered my baby girl. She was not breathing due to the cord being wrapped around her neck, and it took the team 25 minutes to stabilize her so that I could see her. She latched on right away and my sister showed up to see us. We were transported by ambulances to Auburn hospital. Looking back, I am so greatful the urgent care center was there, because if I had delivered in my car, I might not be holding my beautiful baby girl right now.  blog7 Thank you so much for sharing your story with us! Are you expecting a little one?  Take a peek at my newborn gallery and get in touch via the contact form above for current availability.  I take a limited number of newborn sessions each month to allow flexibility if your little bundle should arrive early/late and so that I can create something truly special just for you. Now booking Fall 2015 & Winter 2016 – limited availability for November & December due dates.  Book now to ensure availability for your one-of-a-kind session.