I have really been looking forward to sharing this amazing resource for local Tacoma and surrounding area moms. As a professional Tacoma newborn photographer, I meet a lot of new moms at my studio.  One of the things I always like to share is just how important it is to take care of yourself, even when your hands are full taking care of your new little one.  What better way to refresh yourself than a relaxing massage?? Cortney Nickel is a massage therapist conveniently located at Tacoma’s freestanding birth center The Birthing Inn, who offers prenatal massages, as well as relaxation and deep tissue massage for anyone, mom or not. So if you could use an hour all to yourself, check out what Cortney has to offer, support another local mom-owned business, and schedule yourself a massage today!

Tacoma mom resource Cortney Nickel LMP interview by Butterfly Kiss Photography

Name: Cortney Nickel

Business:  Cortney Nickel LMP at The Birthing Inn in Tacoma WA.

How many kids/what ages? I am the proud mama of a sweet baby girl who just turned one years old and who has my heart like no other.

How long have you been a massage therapist?  I graduated from East West College of The Healing Arts in 2011 with a background in Shiatsu and Cranial Sacral Therapy which I bring to each massage.  I have specialized specifically in prenatal, relaxation and deep tissue massage for the last 5 years.

Why do you offer prenatal massage? What are some benefits that especially speak to you? My passion is to partner with The Birthing Inn and other healthcare practitioners to encourage wellness and relaxation in the community, particularly with expecting mothers.  I absolutely love creating a space for mommas to quiet their minds, center themselves and connect with their oh so changing bodies.  Massage not only helps so much with many prenatal issues, such as sciatica, low back and round ligament pain, but it can also lower blood pressure, reduce swelling and receive joint pain.  I absolutely love what I do!

What is the hardest part of helping moms relax and heal through massage and being a mom yourself? I think the hardest part of being a massage therapist in general is leaving your own emotions and stresses at home and not taking on your clients’ stresses.

If you could give one tip to an expecting or new mom, massage related, what would it be? Your body goes through so much during  pregnancy and labor which takes time to heal, don’t forget to carve out time for self-care postpartum. Even if its just a few minutes to ice your neck, shoulder and/or low back.  Ice is your friend.

What is your favorite place you have traveled to?  South Africa is my all time favorite place I’ve traveled, it’s an incredibly gorgeous country with amazing people.

Describe the perfect day with your family: I love starting our day with morning snuggles and a tasty home cooked breakfast, then head out the local Farmers Market or antique shops. We love to try new food and search for great deals. Ending the evening with a nice stroll down at the waterfront or catching the sunset at Chambers Bay.

Favorite quote/saying: “Do small things with great love.” By Mother Teresa

What’s for dinner? My homemade Pad Thai. Yum!

Website/contact info: The Birthing Inn +1 (253) 761-8939 or online at thebirthinginn.com  email cortneynickel.lmp@gmail.com

Tacoma Baby Photographer Watch Me Grow by Butterfly Kiss Photography

I was thrilled to be able to capture first birthday baby pictures for Cortney when her daughter was just about one year. Isn’t she the sweetest?  She certainly gets that beautiful big smile from her momma!

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Have you had any experiences with massage during or after pregnancy?  I would love to hear about it, share your experiences in the comments below.