Dani Kessler, Mama Kessler Oils. Tacoma Local resource for pregnancy and babies, interview by Butterfly Kiss Photography - Seattle Tacoma Puyallup Newborn Baby Photographer I am super excited to share a brand new regular feature here on the Butterfly Kiss Photography blog – interviews with local small business and service providers in the Puget Sound area that cater to expecting and new moms!  I have had the opportunity to meet so many great people working in this field that I need to share; I want to take this opportunity to help build community, support other mom business owners (and group/organization leaders), and provide helpful resources for local moms like you!  I started out this series with a really great one too, so read on to find out more about this fabulous mama.

Name: Dani Kessler

Business: Mama Kessler Oils

How many kids/what ages? Davis (6.5), Reagan (4), Emery (2.5)

Background/How long have you been working with essential oils? I first heard about essential oils when a friend kept inviting me to events for her new business. I really didn’t want to go to be “sold” something, and I’d never heard of these essential oils she kept talking about, but I knew I had to go eventually since she’s such a close friend! When I finally did go, my jaw hit the floor, sitting there at her house, listening to all the possibilities I never knew existed. With three kids I felt like someone was always sick and I was thrilled that this could be our answer. That was October 2014. We’ve only had one sick child visit to the doctor since that day!!! It took about 4-months and a major “ah ha” moment for me to realize I wanted to help others discover the power of natural products!

Why do you help empower families for better health? So much of parenting, I feel, is done on the fly. We have to figure this stuff out as we go. And the one thing that always made me feel helpless was when one of my littles was sick. The inevitability that it would get passed to everyone in the house was daunting, and there wasn’t anything I could actually DO. Our family naturally shy’s away from too many chemicals and medicines, and most medicines can’t help with most of the daily junk we have to deal with anyway. Once I experienced how empowering it was to know I could help my family in a very safe and natural way, I was hooked and I knew I had to help others start their natural wellness journeys. And at first I thought this would be just for the kids… wow, was I wrong! I have now found a daily routine to help me with my own personal health goals, from seasonal concerns, to achy joints, healthy sleep, the list goes on! Everyone can benefit from these tiny, little bottles.

What is the hardest part of doing this and being a mom? Like all moms, I think I struggle the most with feeling like I’m not doing enough. Period. Building this business on top of my day job has meant missing out on some family dinners, which is a big thing in our household. I couldn’t do it all without the support of my husband. And I’ve had to work very hard to let go of the things I just know I’m not getting to, and to be okay with it! Easier said than done. But when the kids don’t want me to leave for a presentation, all I have to do is remind them how the oils make them feel better, and wouldn’t they want other families feel better, too? It’s a pep talk that helps me too! Finding balance will always be a challenge, but I am always reminded of the saying “If it is important to you, you will find a way. If not, you’ll find an excuse.” This is important to me, my true calling, and I WILL find a way!

If you could give one tip to an expecting or new mom about essential oils what would it be? My advice would be… don’t let all the possibilities prevent you from taking action! I remember driving home after attending my first class feeling SO excited, and yet also pretty overwhelmed. trying to remember all I’d heard How could I ever know everything the presenter did?! And I hear from people all the time that, weeks after getting their oils in the mail, they haven’t even opened them! So take it one small step at a time. Get yourself a set of the most common & versatile oils, and then start with one goal or or one oil at a time. Build your knowledge gradually. As you gradually expand your knowledge, you’ll get more comfortable and you’ll realize how simple it is! Attend classes. Use reference books & apps. Ask others that use oils. Remember, the biggest trick to getting the oils to work is taking the cap off the bottle! 🙂

What is your favorite place you have traveled to? During childhood, we took many trips to Australia to visit my mum’s family. Those are some of the most spectacular memories of time with my family. Some day I will to take my kids there too! The people of Australia are some of the most kind & generous people you will ever meet.

Describe the perfect day with your family: We love being outdoors and camping. Last summer we camped at our family property 11 of 12 weekends in a row! So answering this is a piece of cake… The perfect day for our family is waking up in the tent after camping out, going salmon fishing, pool & Puget Sound swimming and just spending time together. When there are no distractions from TVs, cell phones, or organized sports, it’s amazing to see how kid’s imaginations go wild! We’d wrap up with freshly caught salmon on the BBQ, s’mores around the fire and then mom & dad quiet time looking at the stars & ocean after the kids fall asleep. Ahh… I’m relaxed just thinking about it!

Favorite quote/saying: “If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping wit a mosquito.” – His Holiness the Dalai Lama

What’s for dinner? Leftovers… I have a class tonight so my husband and the kids are going to leave me a plate of whatever they decide to concoct!

Contact info: For information on upcoming classes, promotions & DIY ideas for a natural home, follow me at “Healthy Home, Healthy Family” on Facebook.

IMG_9779 (002) Erin Hargris

(photos of Dani and family courtesy of Erinn Hargis Photography)

Also, Dani has been so kind to share this special offer with all my blog readers:

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