This month I am excited to share this local Tacoma resource for expecting moms and babies that is near and dear to my heart.  All three of my children were born at Tacoma’s The Birthing Inn freestanding birth center. My second born, Sawyer Fox, was also delivered with the amazing Susan Sherwood, midwife at All About Birth and owner of The Birthing Inn.  I have had the opportunity to meet so many great people as a mom myself AND working in this field that I need to share; I want to take this opportunity to help build community, support other mom business owners (and group/organization leaders), and provide helpful resources for local moms like you! So if you are looking into birthing options, birth classes, and postpartum services take a look at what The Birthing Inn has to offer.

Susan Sherwood, The Birthing Inn, freestanding birth center. Tacoma Local resource for pregnancy and babies, interview by Butterfly Kiss Photography - Seattle Tacoma Puyallup Newborn Baby Photographer

Your Name:  Susan Sherwood

Business/Organization: The Birthing Inn, PLLC and All About Birth, LLC

How many kids/what ages? 4 kids, ranging in age from 19, 25, 28, and 30

How long have you been working in childbirth/a midwife/owned TBI? I have been working in the childbirth since 1996, a Midwife since 2008,and more recently owner of  The Birthing Inn for 3 years

What inspired you to become a midwife? My mother’s birth story, giving birth to me in 1966,  it  wasn’t pleasant.  So the journey began….birth should be peaceful and an environment of love!

What is your favorite part of being at a free-standing birth center? Freedom for the mothers and their families to have the birth they dream of, with supplies and hot water that doesn’t run out 🙂

Can you share your favorite lesser known resource, book, blog, method, etc. related to natural birth/parenthood? The Everything Paleo Pregnancy Book: The All-Natural, Nutritious Plan for a Healthy Pregnancy Everything Paleo Pregnancy

If you could give one tip to an expecting mama considering her birth options, what would it be? Where do you feel safest to give birth? That is where you will do your best work 🙂

What is your favorite place you have traveled to? My home away from home is the Hawaiian Islands

Describe the perfect day with your family: A birthday celebration.  In my family we have “favorite birthday dinner” get togethers

Favorite quote/saying: ” Because Being Born is Important”  or “Ages and Stages”

What’s for dinner? Lean protein, salad and brown rice

Website/contact info:  The Birthing Inn and All About Birth Midwifery

Tacoma Midwife Susan Sherwood The Birthing Inn Butterfly Kiss Photography

Did you know, in addition to offering a safe environment for natural birth options, The Birthing Inn also offers some amazing services for expecting and new mamas, like chiropractic care, postpartum counseling, and massage therapy? In fact, I am looking forward to sharing more about their massage therapist with you all next month!  And in case you missed any previous local resources you can catch up on them all here.

Have you had any experiences with The Birthing Inn?  I would love to hear about it, share them in the comments below.