Let me introduce you to Taylor “Tays” of Steilacoom HS.  She moved here with her family just last year from the Chicago area, but she has made herself right at home with her involvement in volleyball and drama club.  She loves writing, doodling, music and even wants to pursue a career in film making.  Or become a spy.  That would be cool too.  Although she describes herself as sarcastic, dramatic, and authentic, I would say that what stands out the most about her in my eyes is her confidence.  Confidence can really get you far in the world.  I think her favorite quote really puts it well: “Believe in yourselves. Dream. Try. Do Good.” -Mr. George Feeny.  If you go to Steilacoom High be sure to ask Taylor all about her experience with BKP, and you can even throw in a cool question or two about her sweet action figure collection.  Thanks for totally rockin’ your shoot out Tays.