Happy Monday!  Today was a good day, as Avery would say.  We made these super cute sock puppets with some $1 socks (Target) and bits and pieces from my craft stash.  Avery picked stuff out and I cut and sewed (we all know she is not allowed to use the scissors anytime soon!) Then she decided they were a boy and girl, so they had to get married.  She told me to sing the duh, dun, duh, duhn song (how does she know that wedding song?!)  It was nice to get a quick break from the rain to go out side for fresh air.  You will notice there are no pictures of her looking at the camera.  She has decided at the ripe ol’ age of 3 that she doesn’t like having her picture taken.  I am ok with that; I feel like the images of her just playing and the little details speak volumes as to who she is.   These are things I really enjoying photographing for everyone.  Eye contact is nice, but there is so much more than just that.