Baby Nolan arrived just after Christmas – the most precious gift any mom could ask for. Long before baby arrived, she sought out a Tacoma Newborn studio that would mesh with her neutral and modern home. One of the biggest compliments I receive as a photographer is a mom like this, who tells me “do whatever you want, I love your portfolio!” It is so important to be able to trust your photographer to deliver what you expect: the style and quality of professional photos that will last a lifetime. Mom has kindly shared her birth story with all of you today, read on to find out more about her amazing Doctor at St. Joseph’s Hospital – who put her at ease even when life threw her a curve ball.

Tacoma Newborn Studio Photography
Neutral and Natural Tacoma Newborn Studio Photography

Nolan made his grand debut in this world on Friday January 4th, 2019. I was one week over due and was scheduled to be induced but nature kicked into gear and I went into labor naturally less than 12 hours before my induction appointment. I had a very easy non-stressful pregnancy expect for the morning/all day sickness the first 20 weeks so I was ready to take on labor and delivery this boy like a champ. I initially didn’t even know I was in labor probably do to my high pain tolerance but my husband Eric knew other wise.

Once we arrived at the hospital we got checked in, was assigned a room and labored all night until 7 am when I was fully dialed and ready to push. I was lucky enough to have my doctor on call that day so I knew who was going to delivery baby Nolan and this made me feel very as ease. After pushing hard for 4 hours my stubborn little Irish babe didn’t budge one bit. At this point my doctor made the call to intervene with a c-section due to Nolan’s position and his failure to descend. This was a curve ball that I didn’t see coming at all. My husband and I got emotional about this but we knew I was in good hands and I trusted my doctor like I would a sister. Within 10 minutes of making the decision to move forward with a c-section I was in the operating room and ready to meet my little guy.

I opted for the clear drape so I could see Nolan as soon as he was removed from my abdomen but at this point I was up for over 24 hours and could barley keep my eyes open. Thank god for cell phones cause my husband was able to capture the moment on video so we could revisit it and show Nolan when he’s older. I am blessed mama to have a healthy and happy baby that arrived into this world in an unexpected way but nonetheless worth it every little bit. I am now a member of the c-section mama club and have much more compassion then I did before for women who give birth by c-section. I never thought of it as a big deal but now that I’ve gone through it, I have a completely different view and understanding. It was hard not being able to care for Nolan the way I wanted to after having him and for the next 5 days due to the pain level and not being able to move much at all.

Two week postpartum I am almost 100% back to spunky self with some minor restrictions and wouldn’t change a thing for the world. I would like to share my deepest appreciation to my doctor who guided me from the very beginning to the end. I was treated like I was her only patient even thought she’s probably the most requested and busiest obgyn at St.Joes and to my rockstar of a husband. Without Eric I couldn’t of done it alone and he stepped in and took the best care of Nolan and I. I am truly the luckiest girl in the world to have my husband and now to have my sweet baby boy Nolan Quinn.

Thank you so much for sharing your story mama!

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