I am so happy to share one of my favorite newborn baby boy sessions ever with you today.  This guy’s mom and dad chose me as their Tacoma newborn photographer during the second trimester.  We had plenty of time to work together ahead of time planning the look and feel of his newborn session at my Sumner photography studio.  This is a great example of my typical work – filled with wood tones and natural elements, earthy and neutral colors, and beautiful relaxed posing. It is my goal for my poses to showcase all the details of a newborn baby while ensuring baby looks and feels comfortable the entire time.  The resulting images are beautifully classic yet modern, give a nod to our PNW environment, and fit with this family’s home decor and color palette.  Most importantly, I captured them snuggling with their new little bundle. I know based on personal experience that those pictures are priceless.

So, what did mother Alek feel when she saw her baby for the first time?  She was so kind to share her birth story with us so you can find out!  Read on to the bottom for this sweet story about “that kind of love that slaps you in the face.”

Tacoma newborn photographer Adler green bucket pose with succulent

In the late afternoon, on Thursday July 6th, we were on our way to the hospital. I was to be induced due to high blood pressure and we were ready. The bag had been packed and loaded, the car seat strapped in, we were set. My husband grabbed my hand and said , among many other sweet things that are making me teary just writing this, “We’re going to meet our baby boy. Our lives are going to change in the greatest way and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you.”

Tacoma newborn photographer Adler dad pose in dads arms

Tacoma newborn photographer Adler wrapped toes peeking inspiration

Fast forward two days later: Still waiting in the hospital room.. there had been birth after birth.. except for our baby. The hospital was overwhelmed with active labors so we were there… waiting.. patiently (kind of). Games were played, walks were taken and meals were had but no baby. The afternoon of the 8th I was given pitocin. Contractions started right away. I like to think of myself as having a high pain tolerance but holy wow. An epidural was in my future! Once we were far enough along, it was time for the good stuff. My water was broken, I was dilating and contracting often. In came the anesthesiologist.

Tacoma newborn photographer Adler wrapped knit hat cozy babyTacoma newborn photographer Adler macro toesTacoma newborn photographer Adler face forward pose bucket vintage wood knits

Fast forward to 9 cm – my body was working faster than the epidural could. I could feel everything. even after the anesthesiologist came BACK to give me a higher dose. Alas, there I was, learning how to push through the pain. With my husband and nurse by my side and working as my cheerleaders, encouraging me through every push.. trying different positions and techniques..successful or not. In came the Dr. and it was game on! After an hour and a half of pushing, talk of a vacuum extractor and a glorious 3rd degree tear, out came our beautiful baby boy. He was laid on my chest with a FULL head of hair (oh, the heartburn was real!).

Tacoma newborn photographer Adler cradle rabbit fur tucked inTacoma newborn photographer Adler wrapped green tones matching hatTacoma newborn photographer Adler simple wrapped pose inspirationTacoma newborn photographer Adler mom dad smile

I couldn’t feel a single thing after I laid eyes on our son. Not one stitch, nothing. I could barely even hear the nurses and Dr talking. I was absolutely, in the words of my mother, “blissed out”. That kind of love that slaps you in the face, you’re never the same again kind of magic. It was all worth it. He is worth it.

Tacoma newborn photographer Adler mom baby and mother kissing toes

Tacoma Newborn Photographer – Meet Baby Boy Adler


Thank you so much for sharing your story Alex!

Do you enjoy reading real birth stories? If so let me know in the comments :)

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