We live in a digital age and our images are everywhere, yet they are nowhere at the same time. The important thing here is to get your beautiful pictures off of the hard drive, off the disk that is gathering dust in your desk drawer and out into the world, where you can enjoy them! It seems like such a shame to spend all that time planning, getting your family in the perfect outfits, scheduling haircuts, making sure no one has a dirty face, showing up for your session with everyone excited to participate and then just let it all end there.  We love seeing your images on social media (keep them coming!) but a day later, a week later, a year later….how are those photos bringing a smile to your face? The very best way that you can enjoy your images is to display them in your home, surround yourself with their loveliness,  print them out, and I am here to inspire you to do just that.


This month I have selected a bunch of different ways you can “clip” up your pictures to display them.  This is fun if you have shabby chic or farmhouse style decor and works really well when you have multiple smaller pictures you want to display.  This is always an easy way to rotate the photos you display often.

1. Hang photos on a string or ribbon with wooden clothes pins.  Could not be simpler!  I personally think this is really lovely in a nursery.



2. Repurpose an old frame to clip photos in….trust me if you search this on Pinterest there are so many easy to follow tutorials and inspiration!  I especially love how this looks with an old wooden window frame and wire tied across.  It also works well with chicken wire stapled to the back and these fun displays can double as memo boards to clip up notes and other art too. Have you seen all the cute clothespins available these days?  Look around the scrapbook section of the craft store and you are likely to find colorful painted, patterned, and glittered pins in many sizes. Its like jewelry for your pictures 🙂

clip frame

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3. Whoever came up with this idea is genius! I adore the juxtaposition of a photo clipped on an industrial looking clipboard and hung on display in a home.  Again, this is super easy to change out and is a nice way to display 8×10 prints in a grouping.  Even simpler you can just use metal binder clips and nails.  This totally reminds me of my college days.  In my photography classes we would often have small student shows and being on a student budget none of our worked was framed. We used snagged a pack of the black plastic binder clips from the office and some push pins to tack our masterpieces up…it worked!

clipboardclip wall

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That’s it for today but keep your eyes peeled for more On Display inspiration each and every month right here.  I love seeing how you put these tips and ideas to use too, share links in the comments or email me some snapshots of your displays. I am so excited to see how YOU use clips to display your pictures.