We live in a digital age and our images are everywhere, yet they are nowhere at the same time. It can be overwhelming thinking out how to display your images, but it doesn’t have to be.  Start simple, start small, start now. The important thing here is to get your beautiful pictures off of the hard drive, off the disk that is gathering dust in your desk drawer and out into the world, where you can enjoy them! It seems like such a shame to spend all that time planning, getting your family in the perfect outfits, scheduling haircuts, making sure no one has a dirty face, showing up for your session with everyone excited to participate and then just let it all end there.  We love seeing your images on social media (keep them coming!) but a day later, a week later, a year later….how are those photos bringing a smile to your face? The very best way that you can enjoy your images is to display them in your home, surround yourself with their loveliness,  print them out, and I am here to inspire you to do just that.



In honor of Valentine’s Day this week, I thought I would share with you some fun ideas for incorporating a heart-shaped display in your home. You could do this in a baby’s nursery for a sweet touch, with family photos over your mantle, or a whole wall in your bedroom to celebrate a special occasion like your anniversary.  The final display can be simple and temporary, or planned out and left up to enjoy.  Just follow your heart on this one 🙂

1. The simplest and my favorite idea is to put a bunch of small prints, Instagram prints, Polaroids, etc. and create a collage right on the wall.  You can use double stick tape, decorative washi tape, or pins to attach the photos to the wall.  You can make the collage perfectly lined up (I tend to lean this way) or make a more organic layered look.  I totally love the idea of doing this over your bed like a headboard.


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2. This idea is similar to the one above, but is a little more planned out and permanent since you use framed photos.  Again, you can make everything straight and lined up, or more organic.  I love the layered frames over the mantle; there is an amazing tutorial on how exactly to do this too, you have to check it out! We all have those miscellaneous frames around the house, stored in a drawer or in the attic. This would be a great way to put them all together and make some impact with smaller prints. If you want everything to match you can paint all the frames the same color, or even purchase all the frames you need inexpensively somewhere like Ikea.


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3.  If you want something a bit less fussy you can display your heart shaped arrangement as one piece of art using a template, like this gorgeous one from Design Aglow, called 70 Reason to Love Me. You will need to have Photoshop installed and some basic knowledge to do this one, but if you have your heart set on this idea and don’t have those skills let me know! I am happy to help put together your design for you and can even order and deliver your canvas so it is ready hang.



That’s it for today but keep your eyes peeled for more On Display inspiration each and every month right here.  I love seeing how you put these tips and ideas to use too, share links in the comments or email me some snapshots of your displays. I am so excited to see YOUR heartfelt displays.