So I have to start out this new series on the blog with an important PSA: We live in a digital age and our images are everywhere, yet they are nowhere at the same time. It can be overwhelming thinking out how to display your images, but it doesn’t have to be.  Start simple, start small, start now. The important thing here is to get your beautiful pictures off of the hard drive, off the disk that is gathering dust in your desk drawer and out into the world, where you can enjoy them! It seems like such a shame to spend all that time planning, getting your family in the perfect outfits, scheduling haircuts, making sure no one has a dirty face, showing up for your session with everyone excited to participate and then just let it all end there.  We love seeing your images on social media (keep them coming!) but a day later, a week later, a year later….how are those photos bringing a smile to your face? The very best way that you can enjoy your images is to display them in your home, surround yourself with their loveliness,  print them out, and I am here to inspire you to do just that.  Ok, end rant 🙂


Without further adieu, here are a couple great articles that go back to the basics of how to easily hang your photo artwork. Because if its easy you are so much more likely to do it, right?

1. Before you can hang your pictures up you need to get them printed up of course, and knowing the right size to order can be intimidating. This visual is a great reference for common print sizes from the all-too-familiar 8×10 up to a show-stopping 30×40. My favorite quote from the article is “Have you ever noticed how ceilings and walls keep getting higher and longer and how those 8×10′s keep getting smaller and smaller?” So true.  The article also happens to mention my favorite tactic for deciding what size will look best above your couch (or wherever). Just grab some sheets of newspaper from your recycle bin and tape them together to make a rectangle in the size(s) you were considering.  Tape this up to the wall (with painter’s tape) where you want to display your photo(s) and live with it a couple days. Usually you can quickly see if something isn’t quite right before you place your order.  PS. I am always happy to help consult on selecting print sizes after you receive your session images from me, just shoot me an email.



2. Oh I couldn’t begin to tell you the times I sat looking at my picture frame, with those claw-like sawtooth hangers in the back wondering how in the world will I get the two screws/nails lined up in the right spot….let’s just say I wish I knew this simple trick a lot sooner. This is a great way to quickly hang one picture and all you need is a little painter’s tape and a small level. Tear off a piece of tape that fits the back of your frame from one hole/hanger to the other.  Use level to put tape up on wall where you want your picture, then hammer a nail it at the top corner on both sides. Done.



3.  How about a two-fer-one? This article covers the easiest way to create a wall display or collage of frames and get them all hung up straight PLUS a great roof of thumb about what height to hang your artwork.  Nothing is worse than having your pictures hung too high or too low, so take note of the 57″ rule: 57″ is the average person’s eye level and the number they use for centering art work in galleries. Fancy, right? This tutorial is full of step by step pictures, check it out before you hang up your next wall display and make your life a lot easier.



That’s it for today but keep your eyes peeled for more On Display inspiration each and every month right here.  I love seeing how you put these tips and ideas to use too, share links in the comments or email me some snapshots of your displays.