I remember when I found out my dear friend Brittany was pregnant, I was so excited because she was due just three weeks after me and I would have a “preggo” buddy!  It is so nice to have someone right there with you: sharing the same feelings, dr. appointments, and late night cravings. Of course I was excited to be able to photograph her sweet baby girl when she arrived too.  And she sure is sweet, and beautiful, just like her mama. Planning for Peyton’s newborn session was extra fun because I know her family so well.  I think my favorite thing is that I used my dynamite box, the one that was sitting on my front porch for the longest time, that Brittany always commented about wanting.  Once I even found a dynamite box for her, but didn’t have any cash on my and they didn’t take credit cards, darn. I am still keeping my eyes open for another one. Anyways, it couldn’t be more fitting because I think she is going to be a little firecracker, also just like her mom 🙂