I am happy to report that I got my groove back!  I am not sure exactly what changed, it is not like there are any more hours in the day, but I have had so much more time to play with my paper & craft this month. I am so excited, I can’t think of anything else important to say….so I’ll just show you:

This layout was made for my design team over at Pretty Little Studio, and is an absolute favorite! First of all, I am totally in LOVE with those green cursive alphabet stickers from October Afternoon that I used on my title. Second, this might be my favorite picture of all times (that is not of my own family). I am really happy how the photo is accented by the little paper garland at the bottom, and of course then there is the darling bitty deer.  Sigh.


Next, I had the idea for these two complimentary pages in my head for the longest time and they finally made it into the world this month!  I have been behind on my Studio Calico kits forever, since Sawyer was born pretty much.  Really, sleep takes priority over scrapping when you have a baby and so I fell behind.  Since my scrapbook cabinet is about to explode, I though it was time to “kill” some older kits, i.e. use up the supplies so there is not enough left to make another page.  I never actually use every bit up, but once there is not enough to make a page really I just mix the remainder in to my “stash” of supplies.  I had a bunch of bits mixed together to use for these two pages, mostly from the 34th Street and Sock Hop Kits. (Photo credit goes to my friend Missy at MRBPhotography)


The Girls


& Boys


Finally just this week I found some extra time in the strangest place….the morning!  Um, it is a fact, I am not a morning person. I never wake up early, and definitely don’t do anything productive when I do. However, when Sawyer was still sleeping at 6:45am Tuesday morning and I had a fresh cup of hot coffee and I decided to take advantage and started this page.  It was almost done by the time I had to take Avery to school, and I just put the finishing touches, glued and sewed right after lunch.  Might be time to reevaluate my morning routine.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

PS. I took this above photo with my new (to me!) iPhone and posted it to my Instagram account! This is exciting stuff!  I would love if you would follow me over there, I will be posting little peeks into our life, paper projects in progress, and some behind the scenes at my shoots too.  My user name is tamibrundage.

Thanks for the chance to share my love for pictures+paper with you; join me right here each month for another peek into our life and my creative heart.

I would love to know if you have any tips for me as a new Instagram user?  Thanks! xoxo