Ok, so you know how food just tastes better when it is beautifully arranged on the plate, looks colorful with nice uniform cut pieces, and you can’t wait to dive in and eat it?  I kind of feel the same way about packaging….except paper does not usually make me salivate! (are you salivating right now after reading my pretty food description because I am but maybe I am just hungry).

I take a lot of pride in my packaging: from the business cards I hand out, to the special welcome cards I send out when a newborn session is scheduled, to the handmade fabric album cases and custom stamped disks your gorgeous pictures arrive on.  I like to think of the packaging choices I make as giving you a little taste of what to expect for your entire experience.

Like a family favorite recipe, this is something I have tweaked and seasoned over the years until I found something that was just right.  I am pretty happy to say that this pretty packaging fits me like a glove!  Here is just a little peek at what is in store for you when you book a newborn portrait session with Butterfly Kiss Photography.


Clockwise from the bottom left: business cards (front), custom stamped disk for digital files, handmade fabric album cover, newborn gift bag, business card (back), and welcome card envelope.


I LOVE giving a little gift to my families when they come for their newborn session….I am keeping the bag contents a surprise but I will say it is packed full of goodies!


It is important for me that my packaging reflects my style of photography: natural, soft, and whimsical!


I used my very favorite scrapbook paper to punch out the butterflies and sew them onto the outside of this envelope. Inside is a special welcome note sent out when your newborn session is booked.


Creating this disk design was actually one of the toughest things for me to finalize and was the last piece created. I finally settled on this hand-stamped version; I leave room to custom stamp each disk with your name and session date so you know exactly what the disk contains.  When I made these I set up an assembly line on my kitchen table and the whole family joined in to help. My daughter Avery stamped the yellow polka dots, I stamped the brown and pink on the disk, and my hubby stamped the envelope.  We make a great team!


I hope you enjoyed a little behind the scenes peek at my pretty packaging. If you are expecting a little one I suggest taking a peek at my newborn gallery and then drop me a line using the contact form above.  I would love to talk with you about collaborating on your newborn portrait session – then you can have your very own pretty packaged pictures to enjoy 🙂