We had an amazing trip to the San Juans in June.  It is so nice to get away and enjoy a slower pace of life sometimes. We went to a great sculpture park, this was our favorite piece. Avery spotted some deer at the park. The sunsets there are so amazing….there were about 10 other photographers out capturing this one! I really wish I had my telephoto lens for this.  We were lucky enough to spot some resident Orcas two days in a row. We were the only people at this little beach; it felt like our own private paradise. I think Orcas Island was my favorite… The community on the islands is centered around natural living, sustanible and organic farming, recycling/reusing, these are all infused in their day to day life.  These are things I have become to value more and more, so I really appreciated seeing this in action. On the “hippie” side of Orcas even the mailboxes were colorful! We went for a small hike, I am surprised how much fun Avery had and we didn’t have to carry her (too much) Avery made a wish by throwing a penny into the water and she said “I wish for mommy and daddy to live happily ever after, with all my heart!” It was the cutest thing ever ever ever.  She amazes me every single day. The last day of our trip happened to be both the local farmer’s market and the Summer Solstice parade.  I am so glad we were able to be part of the celebrations.  This was the highlight of my trip.  We all had so much fun.  At the market I picked up some fresh greens and salad mix, a ground cherry plant, and a driftwood art piece.  We also got a little dress for Avery made from “upcycled” clothes.  It is really cute and the lady who made it lives in the Netherlands, some where they live off the grid and since there are no stores nearby she learned how to repurpose hand me downs and ill fitting clothes for her children.  How neat! I can’t believe how still she sat while getting her face painted, it was like she was in a trance. The parade was interesting… This dance troop was the best, they were totally into it and the dnacing was infectious.  You should have seen Avery dancing her pants off.