I have to give myself a little pat on the back because I have been so good at keeping up with a monthly photoshoot of my little guy!  You might be thinking, well what is the big deal with that?!? but it is actually harder than you think to get your own kiddos photos on the schedule when you are a photographer.  Something always comes up, clients get taken care of first, and its easy to put off. Just to put things in perspective, my daughter hasn’t had any photos done in like 15 months, so in no way am I some sort of super mom. Yet I told myself, this was important, I made the appointments on my schedule, and I DID IT!  Only 5 more months to go, and I am confident it will happen – a photoshoot every month for his first year.  Here are the first six months for now. Look how much he has already grown! He got his first two teeth just before 5 months, and began sitting unassisted just before 6 months. I so look forward to watching him grow over the next six months.