Today I am sharing something close to my heart; this is the storybook album I created for my own son, Sawyer.  I told myself before he was even born that I was not going to put this project off; I treated the experience like I was my own client.  I will admit it did take me slightly longer to complete than a regular newborn album might, but that could be due to the fact that I actually did three sessions (you can read more about that here).  Still I am so pleased to say that I had his completed album in my hands before he turned three months old. And to be honest, it took my breath away.  I still get this tingly feeling when I flip through the pages; it captivates me to see him so small, his skin still fresh, the way his lips fell into a slight pout while he was resting in dreamland.  Tomorrow this little guy will turn 6 months (someone pinch me!). Oh how the time flies, but I am so happy to have this little piece of forever to remember his first days.