This is the second little baby girl I have had the pleasure of photographing for this Tacoma area family.  I love having them visit at my Sumner studio; it was especially an honor to take newborn photos of their new arrival Sydney.  Her session was full of earthy natural touches with a little boho floral thrown in for good measure.  Little Sydney’s grandma is a teacher at Old Town Coop, which I have to share because if you are in Tacoma and looking for a nice preschool I have known lots of families that went here and raved about it.  I also got the chance to hear mama’s birth story and look forward to sharing that with you below.

Tacoma earthy newborn girl 1

Our second sweet girl was due on December 27th and I admit I had very high hopes that she would come before Christmas. I had an image of sitting under the Christmas tree with our little family of 4! Being the planner type that I am, I wanted her to come on the 21st, leaving enough time to be home and “settled” (as settled as you can be with a toddler and newborn at home days before Christmas!) However, our little one had something else in mind! Not only did December 21st pass, but so did December 27th! The morning of the 5th came around and at 9 days late I was very uncomfortable and impatient. I had been in labor all night and thankfully we had an appointment set up that morning at 8:00 to check on the baby and discuss induction if I weren’t progressed enough.  We left our older daughter with grandma and took our overnight bags in hopes that we wouldn’t be coming home!Tacoma earthy newborn girl 2

Everything looked fine with the baby and we went to meet with our midwife who let us know that I was 6cm along and that we could head over to the emergency room! I was beyond relieved (and in lots of pain!) We were checked in at the hospital by 10:00 where my mom, dad and sister joined us. I had a wonderful support team! In our birth plan, I had stressed that I wanted to try for a natural birth again but my husband and I had a code word that I had to say three times if I really needed some medication help! Although I “threatened” my husband with the code word (Mardi Gras! J ), I never fully said it and after a few hours of strong labor contractions, it was finally time to push. I had hoped to labor in the birthing tub but because the baby’s heart rate was dropping when I would contract, I had to be in the bed so they could monitor her. Once it was time to push, I was finally able to get in the tub.Being in the water was a strange experience but provided the relief I was hoping for. My husband kneeled in front of me outside of the tub and I pushed through several contractions before shifting to a sitting position. My midwife told me that she thought it would probably be a few more contractions so I geared up for a while longer but instead she decided to come out the next push. I felt a huge, indescribable pressure and there she was! I was able to hold her right away on my chest as we all cried and gazed at her beautiful little face! We had a wonderful hour just the three of us before any visitors came in and I am so thankful for that bonding time. Our older daughter got to come in first to meet her and I can’t even describe the joy I felt while holding both of my girls for the first time.

Tacoma earthy newborn girl 3

Our daughter finally made her arrival on January 5th at 2:36pm. She weighed 6 pounds and 13 ounces, and was 19 inches long. We named her Sydney Anne. Her name is very special to me because Sydney is after my grandpa who is one of my favorite people. He has taught me generosity, selflessness and the value of a good story! Anne is after my mom who is the most loving and thoughtful person I know. She is my best friend and I hope that I can be that for my girls one day.  Sydney is a true blessing and we are so grateful for another healthy girl! Tacoma earthy newborn girl 4

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us!

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