Whether it is a sibling I have also photographed as a newborn baby or a family I am working with for the first time…I just love capturing all the kiddos with the new addition at their newborn session.  As a Tacoma newborn photographer siblings photos come with the territory.  Let’s be real: sometimes capturing these pictures can be a challenge!  However I am an expert at working with siblings of all ages. Young siblings, older siblings from a previous marriage, or big families with multiple siblings, I love them all!!  When a family comes to my Sumner photo studio for their newborn session with siblings, I usually will start with these poses.  Getting the pictures with baby and big brother or baby and big sister taken care of at the start usually means they are in good spirits.  Then they can head out with dad or another family to play at the park, run errands or head home, while I complete the session.  This is of course also a good chance for mom to sit back and relax, enjoying a little break.

Here are some recent newborn baby with siblings I have photographed so you can get an idea of the cute pictures and poses I can capture.

tacoma newborn photographer siblingsHands down an all time favorite for me!  Just look at that proud big sister and cute big brother!
tacoma newborn photographer siblingstacoma newborn photographer siblingsWhen I photograph multiple siblings, I try to get a picture of baby with each big brother or sister.  These are such special bonds!
tacoma newborn photographer siblings older boy big brothertacoma newborn photographer siblings older boy big brotherI like to try a variety of poses depending on the age of the sibling.  As an expert Tacoma newborn photographer siblings poses are some of my favorite to be creative with.tacoma newborn photographer siblings older girl big sisterMany times I have older siblings welcoming a new baby to the family.  I admit, it is a treat to have siblings that listen and cooperate the entire time.tacoma newborn photographer siblings close in age pose posingtacoma newborn photographer siblings close in age pose posing ideaI work with a lot of sisters and brothers that are less than two years apart.  This age can be challenging to photograph alone, not to mention with a brand new baby they may not be sure of.  However, I have lots of tricks up my sleeve and I am up to the challenge.tacoma newborn photographer siblings brother close in age posingtacoma newborn photographer siblings twins boys brothers pose posing idea

Siblings and twins! What an extra special photo to have.  These boys are going to have so much fun together.

tacoma newborn photographer siblings big family brother sisters 5 kids posing idea

Big family?  No problem! This Tacoma newborn photographer has worked with many families that have multiple children.

Tacoma Newborn Photographer Siblings also on display at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Tacoma.

If you are looking for a Tacoma Newborn Photographer to capture your sibling photos, please get in touch.  I would love to capture beautiful moments for your family to have forever.  They are only little for so long!