Well hello spring!  Oh the sunshine, at long last, has had me itching to get my hands dirty in my garden.  I found this super fun garden craft type project that Avery and I did.  There is a tutorial here. (Side note: I LOVE Mother Earth News!)  Start collecting your TP tubes people!  Even better than recycling them, you can use them to craft up some home made seed starters.  I did mine a bit differently than the tutorial because I forgot to cut them in half first, but either way it works the same.  I put the tube “pots” on a cardboard tray I saved from some veggies I got at the store, or you could use any thick box or plastic trey (since it will get wet keep that in mind).  We decided to plant sugar snap peas in our pots, my favorite are these from Territorial Seed, perfect for our NW climate.  I was actually really surprised how quick they came up, we saw sprouts in just 5 days!  We have had these on the window sill in the bathroom, it is plenty warm and there is lots of light.  Right now these starts are 18 days old, and they are ready to plant.  We are making a bean tee-pee in the backyard like this one, so we will plant these there and cross our fingers the chickens stay away (because they love tender young starts for lunch!)  I hope you have a chance to make these quick and easy seed starts with your kiddos, they will love watching their seeds grow.