This past summer I was thrilled to offer creative newborn posing and styling mentoring for photographers while on the road travelling with my family. Teaching is something that has been in my heart for a long time and at last the time was right for me to officially share what I have learned over 8 years running my small business from the heart. I am incredibly thankful for the amazing women who chose me to be their mentor, and I am so humbled by their gratitude and kind words they have shared with about our time together. Here is a little peek at some of the images creating during a small group mentoring class with Butterfly Kiss Photography.  Head to the bottom of the post to find out more about upcoming dates for a newborn baby mentoring session near you. Newborn-Mentoring-Creative-Posing-Wrapping-Styling-by-Butterfly-Kiss-Photography Kim says the biggest impact on her business since mentoring with Butterfly Kiss Photography is: Learning how to work smarter, not harder and she would recommend this small group class to: Absolutely anyone!!Newborn-Mentoring-Creative-Posing-Wrapping-Styling-by-Butterfly-Kiss-Photography The biggest impact on Beka’s business since mentoring has been: The way I style my sessions now, choosing one thing I want to work around with and add other props and accessories to complement it. Having a solid workflow is a great time saver. Newborn-Sibling-Mentoring-Creative-Posing-Wrapping-Styling-by-Butterfly-Kiss-Photography Julie’s favorite part of the class day was getting hands on with posing because it is the best was that she actually learns! Newborn-Mentoring-Creative-Posing-Wrapping-Styling-by-Butterfly-Kiss-Photography Students say a favorite part of the day was learning how to put together creative set ups and consistent styling for a complete newborn session experience.Newborn-Mentoring-Creative-Posing-Wrapping-Styling-by-Butterfly-Kiss-Photography Julie also recommends the posing and styling class, especially for newbies who are learning the basics for safely posing and working with babies, and want to gain confidence with positioning and lighting. Newborn-Mentoring-Creative-Posing-Wrapping-Styling-by-Butterfly-Kiss-Photography Students gain experience working with real babies, hands-on, including the challenges of posing an awake newborn with great results.Newborn-Mentoring-Creative-Posing-Wrapping-Styling-by-Butterfly-Kiss-Photography Why did Beka choose Tami as a mentor? I wanted some fresh ideas in styling and inspiration. Someone outside my area to chat with and get a new perspective on my business. Newborn-Mentoring-Creative-Posing-Wrapping-Styling-by-Butterfly-Kiss-Photography “Hanging out with Tami was really my favorite part. She has been an inspiration to me for a while and I admire her work.” Newborn-Mentoring-Creative-Posing-Wrapping-Styling-by-Butterfly-Kiss-Photography Kim’s favorite thing she learned was: That very first pose!! It’s my favorite. I do it with every session now 🙂

By request, I am travelling this FALL 2016 for newborn mentoring and have the following dates available for my Creative Styling & Posing Class:

October 14th – Boise ID October 17th – Coeur d’Alene ID For complete details on what the class covers and availability please EMAIL me. I look forward to helping many more photographers grow, gain confidence, and find direction with their photography business. If you are interested in TRAVEL MENTORING in your city please get in touch; once I have enough interest I will plan another trip.  I am also available for mentoring at my studio near Seattle WA year-round. Mentoring is available to local photographers with some restrictions.