Well say hello to another new project for 2012!  I am extra excited for this project I have spear-headed, along with a dozen other photographers from around the world, including Australia, Canada, and all over the US.  The project is called Shot of Inspiration and here is a little description of what it’s all about:

Shot of inspiration is a bi-weekly project focused on embracing your creative heart, a fabulous term from the amazing Barb Uil of JinkyArt.  As professional photographers we often get caught up in the business of photography and stop shooting for ourselves.  Focusing on your creative heart is a reminder to look inside, explore the possibilities, think outside the box, and create art for art’s sake. This is a challenge to push your creative self and stay inspired.

Our theme for week #1 is Inspiration.  I immediately though of my biggest inspiration in both life and photography, my daughter Avery.  Her sense of imagination amazes and inspires me daily.  I hope you enjoy my take on this week’s theme and come back every other Monday to see a new theme and resulting image.

And you can see all what all the other photographers participating in this project did too, simply follow the links until you end up back here.  Next is the adorable Amelia Chiew of Edmonton Canada with her take on this week’s theme.