This week’s theme is Define.  I got to thinking, what is it that defines me, what makes me who I am?  I am a mother and a daughter; a fiance and a friend; I am an artist, photographer, scrapbooker, crafter, and dabbler in sewing; I am a lover of animals and the outdoors, especially the beach; I am a gardener and a cook; I am a shopper, a collector, a lover of anything vintage; I am a business woman.  I am so many things, and I wondered….what would that look like if I could put it all in a bottle?  So I did!  There is something magical that happens when you think about all the things you are, all the hats you wear; you realize that you are enough just as you are.  I am enough for my daughter, my family. I am enough for me, enough for the world.  I like the definition of me.


And now, for a little more on the theme define,  go visit Amelia Chiew of Canada, for her take on this week’s word. Don’t forget you can follow the links at the end of each post to see what all the lovely photographer’s from around the world are doing for this project.  Enjoy and Happy Monday!