I am getting back into the swing of things this month – at least as much as possible while balancing a busy toddler, nursing 2 month old baby, and homeschooling my oldest daughter.  It is nice to get a break and meet some new adorable little babies at my cozy Sumner studio – like miss Willa and her sweet family! This was actually my first client to work with after maternity leave and what a great note to get back to work on.  She was a terrific sleeper and had the most wonderful chubby cheeks!  I was nodding my head in agreement when mom told her her birth story, we had so much in common.  She was so kind to let me share her story with you below.

blog1As with our first child, my due date came and went.  Each day following I would wonder if today would be the day we would meet our baby girl (along with hoping for a cooler day despite it being mid July).  I was scheduled to be induced at one week past my due date which was the next day.  Although disappointed, I had accepted that this would be how our daughter would arrive. blog2blog3 Part of me felt relieved to have a plan, though part of me couldn’t believe that both of my children would have to be induced to arrive.  That afternoon a friend came by to deliver a snack basket with goodies for the hospital.  Their timing turned out to be perfect as I started to feel contractions during our visit.  I figured the contractions would go away as they had other days previously. Over the next few hours they intensified, prompting a call to the hospital and our sudden departure.  It was time.  In fact we were actually worried that we wouldn’t make it to the hospital in time.  blog4Despite encountering road construction and heavy traffic, we made it.  I was 7cm when we arrived and scared but ready to meet our little one.  The next six hours would be difficult and painful.  At times I didn’t think I could do it though with the encouragement of my husband and supportive medical team, we made it.  Our daughter was born early in the morning without complication or intervention.  To finally meet her, hold her, and know that she was healthy was a feeling beyond words.  Those first moments with my children are like no other I have experienced in my life.  They are moments beyond what words can describe.  I was filled with love for our baby and our family.  I felt that after going through labor I could do anything; especially after learning she weighed 10lbs 11oz! My son and daughter are the best gifts I have ever been given.blog5

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us!

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