I won!!

Twice a year I enter a local print competition held by my professional group, Pierce County Professional Photographer’s Association (PCPPA).  Let me tell you, these print competitions are some serious business.  The guidelines for judging are the same ones used on the national level, and the criteria include both technical and creative aspects.  I really enjoy entering the print competitions because they help me grow as a photographer.  The judges are all experienced and accredited professionals.  Sometimes the judging can be a little harsh it seems, but that it is a good thing.  I appreciate honest feedback and know from experience that if I keep in mind the things they say I can improve on those things in my everyday sessions and make better portraits.  This week I entered 4 prints into competition: 2 were awarded a ribbon of merit, and one of those was chosen as the winner in the portrait catergory.  This is really an honor to be recognized among my peers and I am thrilled to share the results with you.

Winner: Best Portrait – “Pint-Sized”

Award of Merit – “How Does Your Garden Grow”