This week’s theme is bloom. Very fitting now that things are finally starting to bloom around here.  When I drive through the back roads and see the beautiful cherry blossoms starting to fill the trees it just makes me smile.  The other thing that makes me smile, always and forever, is Avery, who is blooming right before my very eyes.  I am in awe daily of the things she does, how she dresses herself, spells bigger words, and asks us such intriguing questions.  She likes to tell me she is my big girl, yes, she is my big girl now.

Notice her dirty hands…I hope she never gets too big to want to get hands dirty playing in the garden.  And now you can see all what all the other photographers participating in this project did too, simply follow the links until you end up back here.  Next up is the adorable Amelia Chiew of Edmonton Canada with her take on this week’s theme (on her brand new beautiful blog!).